The Pest Management Professionals

The Pest Management Professionals

FIM (Fumigation International Malawi) opened its first office in Lilongwe in 2009 followed by a second office in Blantyre in 2017. We are the local specialists committed to leading the market in fumigation and pest control best practices and our team receives regular training locally and overseas to stay ahead of the market. We are trusted across a broad spectrum of customers for our ethical and technical reputation; from multinationals with stringent operational guidelines to families who count on us to provide safe and effective pest management advice and solutions in their homes.

residential services

We provide Malawi Pest Control to residential homes which focuses on exterminating various pests such as Mosquitos, Cockroaches, Rodents, Termites and many more.

We don’t believe in spot treatment of these problems, which is why we have developed an Integrated Pest Management solution to ensure the problem is treated precisely and remains effective long after the first visit.

Service satisfaction guarantee

14 Day Warranty provided on Pest Control services. We will repeat the job
free of charge if the first service did not meet your expectations.

A pest control process

you can trust


Initial Inspection

Email or WhatsApp FIM to book an initial inspection. We will inspect your premises within 48hrs of receiving your enquiry. After inspection a quote and safety guidelines will be provided within 24hrs. Once the quote is approved we will provide a booking date and time.



FIM conducts Pest Controls using environmentally approved chemicals and baits. We will cover all furniture, bedding etc with plastic sheets but it’s still important to follow the safety guidelines sent to you prior to our arrival.


Follow up Inspection

After 18 days if it’s reported that the targeted pest is still an issue, we will return and do the treatment again for Free. Only the Service Fee will need to be paid. A certification and report is also provided to the customer and photos if required.



Customer Feedback is always welcome and we would love to hear from you on your service experience.

Commercial services


FIM is a leader in the treatment, fumigation and certification of export agricultural commodities such as Tobacco, Grain & other crops. Using leading brand and environmentally conscious chemicals; fumigation ensures agricultural crops are protected from pest damage in storage and prior to export.

Inspection & Auditing

We conduct inspections and audit services to agriculture customers for the purpose of stock checks, health and safety standards, and inspections of the loading and transport of various agricultural goods. Certification is provided and reports captured online using the Fumigation Solutions portal which each customer has exclusive access to.

Pest Control

Our pest control service guarantees a professional and precise extermination of various pests such as Mosquitos, Cockroaches, Rodents, Termites and many more. Our IPM (Integrated Pest Management) is favoured and trusted by high-end corporations such as hotels, restaurants, factories and any other facility that needs pest control and eradication.

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Hygiene & Cleaning Services

FIM provides hygiene and cleaning services to offices, warehouses, banks and homes. FIM staff are highly trained to ensure properties are hygienic to the highest standard. Our hygiene services have played a successful role in assisting customers with ISO ratings, passing audits and maintaining facilities that are hygienic, clean and show a high business standard.

100% Guarantee on fumigation of agricultural products.

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retail Products

FIM is a distributor for market leading international brands such as Degesch, Bayer, DVA Agro, and Coopers Environmental Science. We provide a range of baits, traps, chemicals and hygiene products to customers throughout Malawi. For a full product and price list, please contact us directly.

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Contact Fumigation International Malawi

Lilongwe Office

Email: [email protected]
Address: Plot 29/57A (next door to Malawi Leaf) Farmers World Road, Kanengo, Lilongwe, Malawi.

Blantyre Office

Email: [email protected]
Address: Corner of Makata and Macloud Road, Plot NY 795, Makata Light Industrial Area, Blantyre, Malawi.