The Pest Management Professionals

The Pest Management Professionals

Fumigation International Mozambique (FIM) started in 2003 as a joint venture with UTI, for the fumigation of tobacco. Since then the company has evolved to include several first-grade pest control and fumigation services for commercial and domestic clients. Our core business is the fumigation of commercial and domestic premises, commercial grains and cereals, and tobacco containers for exports worldwide that require a fumigation certificate for Phytosanitary regulations in the country of destination.

The Company is licensed in Mozambique to act as a pest controller, fumigators, importers and distributors of fumigants and pesticides. We are also the agent and distributor for Detia Degesch AG products for Mozambique. We have offices in Beira, Maputo, Nacala and Tete and provide service countrywide.

Fumigation services

FIM conducts fumigation of agricultural products using industry approved gases. This process ensures agricultural crops are protected from damage by harmful pests. FIM specialises in providing treatments and certification for Agricultural commodities for export or local distribution. We also Fumigate on-board vessels carrying agricultural products.

FIM has also recently expanded fumigation services into the treatment of export wood products. We use state-of-the-art technology and highly effective chemicals such as methyl bromide for guaranteed results.

100% Guarantee on fumigation services.

Domestic & Commercial Pest Control

FIM performs Integrated Pest Management (IPM) to help clients manage and minimise pest risks and implement sustainable and effective controls and procedures to deal with any pest-related issues. IPM is suited for domestic residences, hotels, restaurants, factories and any facility that needs pest control and eradication. The process ensures the problem is treated precisely and remains effective long after the first visit.

We target pests such as Mosquitos, Cockroaches, Rodents, Termites and many more, that can spread dangerous diseases and infestations while damaging valuable products.

We provide the following Pest Control Treatments in Mozambique:

  • Solutions for controlling rodents and mice, with bait blocks, liquid poison, and rodent boxes
  • We supply and install mechanical traps
  • Termite drilling and fogging applications
  • Cockroach gel and spraying, as well as cockroach traps
  • Residual spraying for insects

Service satisfaction guarantee

14 Day Warranty provided on Pest Control services in Mozambique. We will repeat the job free of charge if the first service did not meet your expectations.

Pest Management Solutions

We conduct inspections and audit services to agriculture customers for the purpose of stock checks, health and safety standards, and inspections of the loading and transport of various agricultural goods. Certification is provided and reports captured online using the Fumigation Solutions portal which each customer has exclusive access to.

Retail products

FIM is a distributor for market leading international brands such as Degesch, Bayer and Coopers Environmental Science. We provide a range of baits, traps, chemicals and hygiene products to customers throughout Mozambique. For a full product and price list, please contact us directly.

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Beira Office

Email: Kbravo.fim
Address: Estrada Nacional No. 6, Manga, Beira.

Maputo Office

Email: [email protected]
Address: Av Mario, Esteves Coluna nr.558 Cidade da Matola.

Nacala Office

Email: [email protected]
Address: Casa 464, Rua Dos Comandantes, Bairro Maiaia-CEP 0919.02, Cidade Baixa, Nacala Porto.

Tete Office

Email: [email protected]
Address: Estrada Nacional No. 7, Bairro Samora Machel, Tete.